About Elizabeth


Elizabeth was raised a Protestant fundamentalist in Springfield, Missouri.  At a very young age she found herself at odds with the church, which portrayed God as a punishing being rather than the boundless loving Divinity she felt connected with.  She attempted to reconcile this by studying Comparative Religion at Harvard University, focusing on Hinduism and Buddhism.  After her graduation in 1998, she moved to San Francisco and started a career in Finance with a Masters in Accounting.  By 2011 she was a Director of Finance at a Silicon Valley venture capital fund, mother of two young children, an atheist, and a thyroid cancer patient.  Elizabeth found energy healing, first in the form of Reiki, and found it intensely healing and rejuvenating.  She was soon searching for something even more impactful, and her search led to VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, a path of transformation and Awakening.  The emotional healing it has provided is nothing short of miraculous.  In 2015, Elizabeth began a PhD program in Transpersonal Psychology, first at Sofia University, now at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her main academic interests are Consciousness Studies and research on energy healing, but what really drives her is a desire to help others transform as she herself has.