Life Balancing with Reiki

Transform your life with Reiki and Wellness Coaching by Elizabeth Pande

Elizabeth uses a combination of Reiki Energy Healing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to enhance your health, mood, confidence, and relationships.  

The first step is Reiki, which clears heavier energies caused by stress, old wounds, and past experiences, and brings in revitalizing higher energies.  This alone is highly effective for numerous physical and emotional conditions, such as:
- depression and anxiety
- pain, including migraines
- insomnia
- stress-related ailments
- low confidence and self-esteem
- "brain fog" and forgetfulness
- weakened immunity

- chronic conditions

- career and relationship problems
- trauma, grief, abuse, and loss


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The second step is Wellness Coaching using the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach.  When we identify our old patterns, we have the power to change them.  When we gain clarity and insight into ourselves and others, we can approach situations with effectiveness and grace.